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Basketball club "Goverla" of Ivano-Frankivsk was founded in August 2002 based on commands of regional police "Dynamo" and "Kalush-Vinisin." The team was immediately tasked with - getting to the big leagues, which also has been successful: the season 2002-2003 the club met with great enthusiasm and with 23 teams first league took 4th place, winning thereby permit the second-biggest Ukrainian Division.

Season 2003-2004 was in the top league, divided on a territorial basis into two zones (with 10 teams in each), was a real challenge for the young team. In their area “Goverla” took sixth place, so the final stage of the competition struggled in the second ten and appeared on 12th place of tournament table.

Season 2004-05 for "Hoverla" was difficult financially, but with 21 teams could finish the season in 13th place. Before the championship team of 2005-2006, “Goverla” was took under protection of Carpathian National University named after V. Stefanik. At the same time was created the Regional Federation of Basketball. Confidently played on the first stage of the championship, "Goverla" took fourth place in its subgroup "A" and the first time in its history made its way to the Premier League finals. The season "Goverla" finished in 9th place.

Season 2006-2007, became one of the most successful in history of "Goverla". The team held a very strong first stage, always being among the leaders of its subgroup "A", so easily reached the finals of the championship. And quite unexpectedly finished in third place of Premier League. So for the first time in the history of Carpathian local basketball team won the "bronze" awards.

Despite the fact that before the season 2007-2008, "Goverla" has lost several top players, Ivano-Frankivsk club managed third season in a row to get into the finals, which eventually took 7th place. 

In season 2008-2009, "Goverla" began performances in the newly formed Ukrainian basketball league. Also, the team has a new sponsor - "Naftokhimik Prykarpattya" that enabled the club to invite new players and raise the level of play BC "Goverla" to a new level. The team first involving the support of foreign players - Damien Kinloch, Patrick Sparks and Tate Decker, Arseniy Kuchinsky, who helped the team to successfully play in the championship and a regular spot in the playoffs. As a result, the team completed the championship UBL in eighth place.

The last two seasons local basketball team compete in the Super League - the highest championship in Ukraine. Team was headed by famous expert Yevgeny Murzin. So “Goverla” made its way to the eight strongest. And in the play-off matches managed to rise to sixth place.  

"Bears" have continued to progress in last season 2010-2011, which became the best in the history of our local basketball team. During the regular season the team was kept among the leaders of the championship, taking third or fourth place. In the match play-off  team of Eugene Murzin showed its maximum, beating on his way two very serious rivals - MBC "Nikolaev" (3:2) and "Ferro-ZNTU" (3:1). Thus "GOVERLA" won "bronze" awards season 2010-2011, forever filling out your name to the stately history of the Ukrainian basketball. Ranks third team in Ukraine - an unprecedented success for the "Goverla". But if you look back, you can see that team progress not random - each year the club put a certain attainable goals and, eventually, came to her.




1 Budivelnik 24 19 5 79.2
2 Donetsk     23 17 6 73.9
3 Azovmash   24 16 8 66.7
4 Khimik  25 16  9 64.0 
5 Ferro-ZNTU  24 15  9 62.5 
6 BC Odessa   24 15  9 62.5 
7 GOVERLA   25  14 11 56.0 
8 Dnipro  25  13  12 52.0 
9  BC Kyiv   24  12  12 50.0
10 MBC Mykolaiv  24  9  15 37.5 
11 Krivbasbasket  25  8  17 32.0 
12 Cherkaski Mavpy      25  7  18 28.0 
13 Dnipro-Azot  23  6  17 26.1 
14 Politekhnika Lviv  25  3  22 12.0 


How will you rate "Goverla" launch in the new season 2011-2012?

Excellent performance! Honestly, did not expect such a start! - 30%
Series with seven victories very pleased. But we don’t must stop! - 0%
In general a good start. But we must be convincing in the last minutes ... - 30%
Despite the certain start, the last defeats makes me disappointed - 40%

Total votes: 10


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